Monday, June 07, 2010

I didn't lost my KOSE =)

I laugh so much because Ivan is with us for our trip to Miri.. I didn't know Ivan and Daniel knew each other and have been friends for many years already.. Me and Ivan seem to have clash personality because we always argue! He call me ah Moi, I call him ah Pek.. He is really one talkative ah Pek.. lol

I drop by Clemence's Academy yesterday to meet her for a quick lunch.. but then I didn't feel like eating much maybe because I had Maggie mee with Jenn earlier so I had BREAD at Ipohtown..

Well, we didn't really had a VERY happening weekend at Miri.. but Me, Joan and Daniel went to join Ivan at Balcony for awhile after the dinner at Hao & Shirley's house.. ahh Jansen Chai is looking more like his dad.. hehe.. I share a present with Sheau Tze for BB Jansen.. Above picture is what she bought, thanks Tze for buying~ hehe..

We saw so many youngsters at Balcony! We three were like tsk tsk tsk this youngster all wild and young.. lol.. Me and Joan had Bailey and I drank half only, couldn't finish! The bartender mix it kinda strong, no wonder Joan KO fast after a few glass.. hehe..

Yesterday I went to the Imperial mall with Jenn, to buy some facial product from KOSE after I left Nicole's house.. After KOSE we went to Blue Cafe for some Maggie mee as our breakfast.. Maggie mee is one of their popular order.. hehe.. I don't know how to explain what is so nice about it.. =P
and I want to end my post thanking the staff at Blue Cafe! because I FORGET and LEFT my KOSE products there.. and guess what I only remember it around 2pm! Luckily we haven't left Miri.. OMG why am I so blur~ So thank to the lovely staffs there for keeping and not selling off my KOSE.. Thank God~~ ^^


exclusivelydaniel said...


still dare to say!! LOL!!! lucky its still there.. =p

Patricia said...

yieksss.. me careless and blur bah.. =(
Thank God that I got it back.. =)