Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Old to New table

Main building

I just notice I have a Mr.Brown cup.. It remind me of SY.. Link bah.. lol..
I have this cup with me for like 2 years plus already.. =)

It's finally June.. Didn't realize 3 months have pass since February.. 3months! =S
It's my second day sitting here.. New environment, new table, new chair, new air-con.. hehe.. Well, hopefully I gain back my motivation here.. BUT access to Facebook has been block!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh.. no Facebook!!!! T_T what a sad sad thing.. Thank God that I can use my handphone to access it! hehe..

This is my table at our old office..
At the old office, our sitting are all group together and I have to face my Indian colleague everyday.. haha.. Now we are all separate according to our department.. hehe..

KK trip is still on my mind.. Oh my goshhhh.. I think I have been poison by KK.. I miss KK!!

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