Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dislike sudden black out

Wuhuuu.. I manage to reach office early today.. Angel even asked, "What's wrong Pat, why so early?" LOL

I hate black out.. Last night heavy raining plus super loud thunderstorm.. I quickly disconnect my internet and before I can turn off my laptop, black out happen.. Everything pitch black, I hate it becuase I'm scareeeeeeeee.. hehe..
My mum and I wanted to check the switch-fuse box, who knows our one and only touch light run out of battery.. =S So we gave up and wait for my dad to check..

I quickly hide under my blanket and fell asleep.. LOL =S
When I wake up, first thing appear in my head.. oh no! I put my QTWW airplane, I didn't online back.. du du du du~~
Anyway, Good Morning Everyone.. =)

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