Monday, September 06, 2010

Wake me up when September ends

It's another hectic day.. Monday summore! It's just the second week of September and I'm already feeling that this month is going to be super stressful at work..

Weekend went by fast but not weekdays! =(

Last weekend went alright, Saturday afternoon I stayed back in the office until 5pm without lunch.. It's either I'm hardworking or dumb.. =(
Later that night I attend Siew yii's birthday-BBQ and I stay there playing drinking games until 6am, not with the birthday girl who sleep but her funny and friendly colleagues.. HOT games ;o)

Sunday night, I was suppose to have sungkai buffet but didn't because chienz the beginner class driver need to drive at safe speed.. hehe! so by the time we arrive at the restaurant confirm no more food for us to eat so we went supermarket cheese-hunting for her cheesecake instead.. and bowling time!!

Alright lunch hour is over, back to mountain piles of work.. can wake me up when September ends? =X

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