Friday, September 17, 2010

20 days to go

It's a busy and tiring month.. I keep feeling unwell.. I'm going to blame my work place because no windows! no fresh air.. T.T I'm taking as much Vitamin C as I can~

hmmm what to update..

Last Saturday, Jennifer gave birth to cute little princess Giselle~ Also it was the day I went to Limbang, had a small night out at the KTV for Daphne the bride.. THEN wake up early morning 5.30am on Sunday for 'Ji Mui' duty.. The 'Heng Tai- Groom's brothers' enjoy being torture by us.. hohoho..

It's a tiring Sunday! On the way back after Khang Wei & Daphne Wedding Lunch at one of the restaurant in Limbang, I slept the whole way back home in Seng's car.. tired!! Alright, here are some pictures~

Don't think only 4 brothers from the groom.. ALOT are not in the picture, too many brothers!!
The games- waiting for the brothers
Me happily apply blusher for the brothers..
the brothers love being make up because they get to pose for the camera. lol
pick out grapes from the flour with mouth while doing push up

ends up with face cover with flour

In Limbang with Xiaw Hui.. She is one hot mama I know, mother of two kids! =)

This is taken during Daphne and Khang Wei's wedding banquet at I-Lotus, Brunei.. I-Lotus function room is kinda small but the environment is nice and comfortable..

That night, I went on stage and sang the song 'I don't want to miss a thing' with Steven when only a few tables of guest left.. hehe.. and I continue another two songs- solo and with the lady DJ of the night..
Daphne's uncles applause when I sang 'Wonderful Tonight' and got praise for being a good singer by the MC.. How come I sang so well? maybe it's the alcohol effect.. lol

"You was in the audience.. No matter you remember or not, I did promise to let you listen to me sing if there was a chance.. And the opportunity came and I did it.. We will always be good friend tofu, take care"

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