Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kath's Fountain of Life

Hello September!

I feel like I need alot of good luck for this month.. oh bad luck go away plssssss...

Last weekend at Miri was fun..
Stephy look so energetic and she tell me that giving birth is no pain.. NOOOO, I'm not going to believe her!!! haha.. Annabelle is cute, I'm sure she is going to be one pretty lady.. =)

Later that night, I went to Balcony with Kath and Tyng to meet Patrick and his group of friends.. All guys and one of them try to hit on me.. aiyo, they are all so young.. =P
And we saw wonderful friends from Brunei and one of them pass me a bottle of Chivas to drink at the dance floor.. jeng jeng jeng..

The whole night I was at the dance floor and when I return to our table.. Me, Tyng and Patrick witness the 'Kath's Fountain of Life' over the balcony.. hohoho.. Wonderful name create by Patrick.. Image of the Merlion fountain in Singapore is in my head now.. lolssssss.. so yea, it was fun =D

Note to myself: next time do not look back at the dance floor after dancing and less standing on those speakers at the DJ stage!! the dance floor is freaking bright or was I too sober? hmmm~~

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