Sunday, January 09, 2011

Obsidian Energy Hair Show

8/1/2011 - Saturday
Went to Pamperlicious with Joan~~ We had Pedicure done..
At night I went to the 'Obsidian Energy Hair Show'.. B$ 30 ticket for the charity..
SY surprise few of us by appearing on stage as a model for one of the Korea hairstylist.. There were three hairstylist from Korea, at first I thought those hairstylist are good looking Korean men, my dream crash when women appeared.. lol
Give away door gift for ticket purchase above B$ 30 =)

* * * * *

9/1/2011- Sunday

Just reached home from the Consumer Fair at ICC.. Went there with Chienz, SY, Denise and Chris.. Saw a few familiar people.. Between us minus Chris, I bought the less stuff.. I actually bought this only.. Amazing Shammy! What's this? A rug.. lol =X
When we leave ICC, Chris beg me to take this fake gold looking bar from the display car decoration outside ICC.. sighs.. No idea Chris need it for what.. lol
I find this blender from Pensonic good.. but expensive T.T
Alright the end.. Goodnight all!

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