Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Are we heading toward the right direction.
Please let it be yes.
**We had Pre-CNY lunch in the office today! Tasty food was serve but I had my eyes on those shiny gold coins at the table.. Gold coins!!! Chocolate gold coins la.. lol
**After work, Chienz volunteer to help me re-arrange some stuff in my room.. So we went to hunt for some bookshelves or cupboard.. I had tight budget so I went to find affordable Ikea quality.. and we found this at Home Living which was on sales.. not bad actually..
Before and After.. Still messy but way better now lol

**Me and Chienz went to join SY and her bf for some drinks after we finished.. I had some fried 'sui mai' for dinner.. Good stuff!

I had supper at Topaz just now, quiet time with the bf =)
Happy Saturday!

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