Thursday, January 27, 2011

Supervisor treat us Sushi

Sushi night! My supervisor treat us for dinner at Excapade.. We went to try out the new branch at Times Square.. We find the place small.. All the table fit up to four person.. But the lighting and environment is alright~
Jovy, Me, Sher, Felicia and Angel
Us trying to pose with our hands
Me( I know ugly and funny wth) and Sher doing some style lol, we were actually talking haha
ME again with some sheep =P

**I have a very strong friend who I truly salute for handling her problem calmly.. She may look strong but deep down in her heart, you have no idea how much pain she is going through.. My heart break knowing she's in such situation.. I hope things will turn over and be fine again! I wish we all be bless with happiness..

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