Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wu Zhong Yen

Sunday Sunday~~ I stayed home and watch the new Taiwan drama 'Wu Zhong Yen'.. It's one good drama! and I always drool and heart skip when I watch actor hug the actress from behind..
I got to admit I love back hug.. well any type of hug actually!! lol

**Yesterday - Saturday**
I went to pay my phone bill with Kath and while I'm done and waiting for her I read this article.. nothing nice lol
then we went for grocery shopping with her brother.. Her house having steambot tonight for her mum advance birthday.. Kath invite me and Jian Tyng over =D
then later at night the three of us had tea with Jason.. Its been awhile since we last saw him.. Alright, I'm done blogging.. off to continue my drama =D

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