Saturday, January 01, 2011

First day of 2011

Hello 2011!
Last night I welcomed the year 2011 by being push into the pool.. Almost freeze to death because I forgot to bring my towel lol.. Great gathering just too bad the crowd aren't dancing people.. hehe.. From the place, when the clock strike 12 we witness fireworks from few places.. nice~~
Kath is back from KK, so its meet up time.. Our first lunch of the year.. lol at Excapade Sushi, so nice of Alex- Kath's friend treat us for lunch.. Jonathan and Tyng joined us too..
After lunch we grab cheap and nice ice cream at Jolibee...
Then off to Saloon- me for hair wash while Kath had her hair dye..
Later in the afternoon, tea session with Izan and others.. Before me, Kath and Tyng decide to head home, we went to Mall.. Today is a good day.. hehe.. Happy New Year again.. May it be another great and happy year! Cheers!

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