Friday, March 13, 2015

A beautiful person may not be confident,but a happy person is always very charming

"In the vast sea of love, we drift about like little boats searching for the coast,
Some lucky people find it easily and go ashore happily,
But some people fail, lose and get disappointed time and again,
First time, second time, third time, fourth time,
Gradually, the little boat will drift forever in the boundless sea,
It no longer believes in the existence of the coast,

Actually, what the boat wants is a pier for it to berth,
One day, the boat finally found a pier that it could take shelter from,
But it hesitated, not because it didn't want to berth,
But because it no longer believed there was a pier in the world that it could berth forever,
Hence, it merely looked at the pier from afar instead of going near it,
In the end, the boat chose to continue to drift,
Just when you understand a person's kindness and merits,
you will start to feel scared and become cowardly,
The more you treasure someone, the more you dare not possess him, lest you hurt him accidentally."

"She's actually not that shrewd, sometimes she's muddle-headed and careless,
Deep down in her heart, she's weak and lacks a sense of security,
But sometimes, she can be adorable too,
She thinks she knows herself but she isn't able to see clearly,
That's why she keeps falling down and getting hurt in love."

"The moment we come into this world, we know how to hold on to happiness, reliance and security,
It's impossible for us to hold on to someone's hand forever,
But if someone is willing to hold your hand forever, do not let go easily.

You can't choose to break up, but happiness is definitely a decision,
don't despair after a break up,  Remember to break up with your unhappy self first,
Forgo the unhappy past and hold the hand that makes you happy,
This is the essence of letting it go."

I love all the quotes from this episode.. Just sharing :)

分手快乐- Let It Go, Episode13

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