Thursday, March 12, 2015

When sparks fly, it doesn't always point to the start of a romance

Some rejection couldn't maintain as friend.. I do understand how hurtful it is to continue being connected with someone you like yet couldn't be more than friends.. Its always a sad loss for me..

Some couples who breaks up may end up like strangers too.. Even though when both were good friends before.. I experienced this and sometime I do feel regretful about it.. ofcoz doesn't apply to everyone.. hehe

I ever received confession and when I slowly develop feelings but then at some point I felt scared and couldn't move forward to accept the confession.. there goes the chance~

To reject or not, how will we end up, do I want to lose this friendship: always bother me and my little brain will end up thinking so much and so far.... haha.. It's like a gamble, some turns out well with happy ending and some not.. Wishing myself advance good luck just in case for the next decision.. haha ;)

"When sparks fly, it doesn't always point to the start of a romance,
Sometimes keeping a distance and staying as a good friend can offer a more lasting companionship,
A pity this logic isn't widely understood."

分手快乐- Let It Go, Episode12

Hero - Family of the Year

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