Saturday, March 28, 2015

A person can really be this great and caring

I think everyone no matter if rich or even average, we should practice frugality. Sometime it's not about being stingy or thrifty, its value the things.. keeping, using it well that's how things will turn out in good condition state and will have the possibility of being repair and reuse..

Something worth learning from the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, he is frugality with his personal life and to his country.. I salute to him that he keeps in mind that the money government used to developed better are from the citizen therefore its apply wisely and with great outcome.. 
I admire much about Mr. Lee's act of keeping a country clean, safe and encourage a honest government for his people.. I do not know but I do really hope Malaysia government share the same method and learning as Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.. I do wish Malaysia grow and success..
From news- Minister Mr. Shanmugam said: "Mr. Lee's exercise shorts for example - for 17 years he wore the same shorts. And when it tore, he patched it up, or his wife patched it up for him. That is the man. And he was very careful with Government money in the same way because it is your money."

"He told me, 'Don't spend all your time staying purely in the law. You can do much more for your country. If everyone just stayed outside, who is going to work in the public service. You should serve the people in a broader way’. And he told me ‘you can do it. As a minister, you can make a bigger difference to the lives of the people,'" recounted Mr Shanmugam.  
Tomorrow will be the state funeral for former first prime minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.. Until today the que to pay respect to Mr. Lee at the Parliament House is still going on.. I hope from the people working and volunteering to the people queing are all cooperating well to make the process smooth and safe there, and most important be thankful and keeping the place clean as that's what Mr. Lee love about, Clean and Green Singapore..

Once again.. Mr. Lee, rest in peace and be united happily with your dearest wife.. *salute  

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