Monday, March 23, 2015

Goodbye and Thank You Mr. LKY

Today I read that the founding and former first prime minister Mr. Lee Kuan Yew have left this world at the age of 91.. Sadly I only came to know his life history and love story on this sad day.. Mr. Lee is a strict person yet caring towards his family and country.. He spend his life building and improving Singapore, not letting others to bully his country.. From third world to what a successful Singapore is today.. He believed all races should harmonies and work together as this will create a united prospers future..

Mr. Lee started high education system, turns Singapore into a city in the garden, the cleanliness, national service.. Together with his wife, they love flowers and trees.. So much that Mr. Lee had done for Singapore.. He actually worked until the end when he fell seriously ill last month.. I totally salute his passion for his country.. He don't care about luxuries, he is such a humble person..

I find it cute to know that one of the great invention to Mr. Lee was the air-conditioning.. He cannot stands heat and his room, work place temperature are always set at a cool degree.. I myself can't stand the heat too, can't leave without air-con too haha.. Also I'm surprise to read from an article that his tailor share that Mr. Lee's favorite color is Pink.. as a Pink lover myself, he have good taste :)
I notice from his photos that he actually age alot ever since his beloved wife, Kwa Geok Choo left him.. Mrs. Lee was his pillar of strength.. They are both very smart person.. I really admire their relationship, their marriage.. Mr. Lee is a workaholic, Mrs. Lee have always supported him.. They are always by each other side.. Then when the time she fell ill, it was Mr. Lee's turn to take care of her.. Talk and read to her without fail.. I cry so much reading to their story, especially his last farewell letter to his wife and from his children on their parents.. I would love to meet a husband as caring and loving as Mr. Lee..

Even though I'm not a Singaporean, after getting to know Mr. Lee's hard effort, I'm deeply touched and sadden together with the people of Singapore.. Singapore was the first country I visited for holiday with my own salary, I do love this country.. It's a stress work place, but its safe and comfortable at the same time..

Mr. Lee is a great leader, the nation's father, founding hero of Singapore, a devoted husband and father.. Mr. Lee, may you rest in peace and be united with your wife.. #thankyouleekuanyew #rememberingleekuanyew

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