Thursday, March 26, 2015

Important thing: My family and My country- LKY

Today the que to pay respect to the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew continues.. Yesterday I have the thought of if I were in Singapore, I would definitely head over to pay my respect to this great leader too..

I just finished watching the video below, and it still make me cry seeing his story.. His story is really a legacy.. a legend.. so worth sharing!

I still have to repeat that I seriously love the love story of Mr. Lee and his wife.. watching how sweet the both of them are, really brings tears to my eyes.. Especially the part I watch Mr. Lee uses his hand to kiss his beloved wife farewell.. sobs...........
From the video, I also like the part Mr. Lee said 'eat less, enough sleep, exercise and got to have passion for work', I need store the image of Mr. Lee saying this into my head, maybe it will trigger me further.. :)
"Important thing in my life? My family and my country.. At the end of the day what have I got? Just a successful Singapore.. What have I given up? My life.."

Singapore is really blessed to have Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.. 

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