Thursday, April 24, 2008

Greeting From Bangkok

Hey hey.. Sa-wa-dee-krab and Sa-wa-dee-kah peeps..

Currently blogging from Bangkok, Thailand..!!!!

hohoho.. Touch down Bangkok Airport around evening yesterday.. So I have been here for like one and a half day.. and holes are getting bigger in my wallet by now.. *sighs* From what I have survey today.. NOT ALL things are cheap here.. Worth to buy stuffs are ofcourse clothes, bags, shoes ---> local made please..

Branded stuffs are just around the same actually.. just like RM10 or so different.. and the taxi driver here all shoot us with high prices for every trip.. Luckily we fought for cheaper price, we even rode the tuk tuk car.. OMG.. so polluted the air, worst if the tuk tuk car happens to end up behind a truck or bus.. BUT still it's fun..

This morning we meet a taxi driver who we THOUGHT is cheap to drive us to The Grand Palace.. Who knows he brought us to buy Gems (I manage to bargain there.. CHEAP..!) and ask us to take a boat ride down to The Grand Palace..

Who knows oh.. After the boat ride we were introduce again by some stranger to go over to a temple nearby the area as it's only open to the public today as it's a Royal temple called Watrajapradit Temple.. There we meet a very friendly and kind and funny Mister.. Who taught us very useful information and gave us lots of idea on what are the REAL places which we really should visits..

This mister (sorry I have forgotten his name) told us the taxi driver who bought us for the boat ride actually has received commission.. We totally have no idea.. Lucky we meet this kind Mister who gave us few tips.. I guess it's some fated to have us meet him too.. (shall post up pictures when I'm back)

Oh well.. Been to MBK mall just now.. Tomorrow is another shopping day again.. I shall need to rest my poor foot now.. and shall blog again when I'm able to get connection around the hotel for FREE ofcourse.. hehe.. =p


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Enjoy ur Bangkok trip gal. :)

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i wanna go to bangkok too!