Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Freedom I like

Curious with where was I huh?

I was just away in Miri, Sarawak my dear friends.. Like hmm.. 2hour drive from Brunei.. hehe.. I was so tired from last Saturday to Yesterday that I couldn't even keep my eyes wide awake to blog.. =p

Well I went there because..

The newlyweds.. Charng Lieh and Alice..

I was so happy seeing them.. I really miss them alot.. Manage to steal some times chatting with them as they were so busy the whole Saturday preparing..

Seeing them married I was touched, I think back I was the one seeing my ah Ko court my ah Jie.. From failure to success.. He never give up my ah Jie.. The two of them makes sure there are going to spend their life with each other, no matter how they argue..

My dearest ah Ko and Jie, I wish the both of you happiness till old.. I wish the both of you success in achieving dreams together.. I wish the both of you build happy family together.. I can't wait to visit both of you at Sibu, especially your new home..
I miss and love you both always..

* * * * *

I'm very close with the both of them.. Alice was my roommates back in College..

at Chris Studio

In class, everywhere I go, every project we are sure together.. She take care of me while I'm sick all the time.. and I love her mum's cooking.. ahh I miss Batu Niah.. yea, Alice is from Batu Niah..

Even though the place is boring and hot, the place just give me a peaceful feeling, a place for resting.. With auntie's cooking, I tell you perfect.. =D

Leong, Alvin, Alice, Lieh, Hao, Kevin Seng

Charng Lieh, my housemate from Sibu.. *hehe* Everyone in the hostel was like my family so I look up to him as a brother.. So ends up one day I call him ah Ko.. He is a very kind and understanding guy.. He listen well, so I always look for him when I'm with problem.. Ko..! Take care of Jie, feed her make her fat fat..

Chai yu, Sheau Tze, yours truly, Alice, Lieh, Jennifer, Shirley

Siao Hui, Nicole (both are my housemates), me

I like this picture..

We manage to meet up for breakfast the next day before the newlyweds return to Sibu in the evening..

* * * * *

After the wedding we head over to Balcony, well the newlyweds wants to go and who knows in the end they cancel because my ah Ko abit drunk from the dinner..

Drink drink drink..

* * * * *

That night Balcony organise a dancing competition for the ladies.. Wining price RM1000.. Nothing much to see actually.. hehe..

The winner.. Veronica..

Hao wants to join but disqualified.. no men allow hao..!! haha..

* * * * *

I stay in Miri until Tuesday 15/4/2008.. Since I will be getting my passport that day.. My passport has a lovely date, issuing and expire date is both with the number 14.. Even my waiting number that day at immigration also 14.. NICE.. My birthday number bah, cannot happy meh? hehe..

I have got my new passport done.. My pictures for five years in my passport is going to look like an auntie because of my curls.. *si beh sien*

So being in Miri for extra 3 days is very torturing.. I spend lo.. Bought myself a red cabin luggage already cost me RM165.. *sighs*

Our purchase

Other than shopping it's eat and the BEACH..

Went to Marina Bay and Tanjung Beach..

Marina Bay

Tanjung Beach

Marina Bay a new place to visit with a breath taking view and a Seahorse located there..

My lovely friend who do lovely thing.. wth..

Seahorse, I know cannot fight with Merlion.. wth..

I know not as good as the Merlion in Singapore.. But this seahorse look fine too right, can make Miri proud.. wth.. =D

Our very pro looking photographer..

The same swing with him few years back it's all memories now
I have learn to smile =D

Ah Jap, Alvin, nice curl babe.. wth..

Nice or not? hehe..

* * * * *

Went back to IBS College the other day to pass Simon his laptop and Jennifer need to collect her UK cert.. I thought I enter the wrong place.. walau so SMALL now.. Luckily I graduate from there already.. and I saw KOBE.. I did took picture with him, too bad cannot post because ah Hao accidentally delete it..

* * * * *

Lastly show you guys my first parking booklet coupon.. wth.. I used to buy per day coupon, so this is the first time I buy such troublesome parking booklet coupon..

REALLY troublesome I tell you.. Almost every parking lot need it.. Brunei so nice, no need such troublesome thing.. wth.. =p

* * * * *

11/4/2008, offically my last day at work wearing yellow and grey uniform.. I'm now on HOLIDAY..!! wth..=p

* * * * *

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Wow.. you sure enjoy yourself, don't you? :-) Stay happy alwez~