Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New position assign

Yes, I'm back home people.. and I was busy catching up with Malaysian dream girl.. and wth Jay is out.. and now down to Adeline, Hanis and Cindy.. I'm supporting Hanis ofcourse.. GO HANIS..!!

* * * * *

I miss reading blogs the most.. *sighs* I'm so busy with reading blogs that I totally neglect updating my own blog..

* * * * *

I got back to Miri on the 26/4/2008, last Saturday from Bangkok.. Did drop by Kuala Lumpur, so we spend the whole afternoon in Kuala Lumpur with Chris, who took half day off to see US.. so sweet of him.. Chris even wanted to send us off to the Airport but we have to reject his kind offer as we had booked a return trip taxi from the Airport.. We promise the driver already so we can't cancel it..
Anyway, thanks Chris..

* * * * *

I reached home on Sunday because I overnight in Miri.. Thanks to Jennifer for her bed.. I know she very annoyed with my handphone keeps ringing and I can't, I mean TOTALLY CAN'T hear it at all.. Still she let me sleep in her bed..
Thanks babe..

Thanks to Tze and her Family who pick me up at Miri and bringing me with them to Brunei.. *hugs hugs*

* * * * *

I went to my new work place yesterday, and I have been assign to a new work position.. Quite surprise by the news, then quite excited too.. It's my first time, with the new position and job scope..

* * * * *

And OMG my friend Lee is getting married this July.. When Rachael told me about his news I was shock, but then ofcourse happy for him too for finding a soulmate.. And walau.. Why guys who get rejected by me (then met a new girlfriend after that) mostly all ends up happily married and I'm yet to meet a guy who can take my breath away and mend my heart?? *sighs* so unfair please..

Photos coming soon.. Real soon.. I hope so.. wth.. Byeeeee...

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= FLoReNcE = said...

cindy won la unexpectedly..SHIT!!! I dun like her la. I wish HANIS is the winner. :(