Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa is coming....! Christmas christmas christmas~

I'm now sitting infront of the computer, online in the dark.. It's 26/12/09 now.. Christmas day has passed.. Before at Jennifer's place, I use to online in the dark while she sleep.. this time again I'm online in the dark but with Shirley sleeping.. with Lih Ping and Ivy, we all sleep over at Shirley and CCH's house.. We went to singing together at Sport Cafe Karaoke.. We girls sit at the bar, while the guys sit at another table.. hehe.. and the guys left Sport cafe for their night out.. and Ah hao is not back yet and it's 3am.. jeng jeng jeng.. =P

Christmas eve celebration was fun.. countdown at balcony.. omg dance away for 4hours.. my feet hurtssssssss.. but those pain aren't anything as long as I'm happy.. =)

Usually at clubs I don't mind knowing guys as they introduce themselves or introduce by my friends.. But when they try to get close to me, I will move it~move it away~away..

On Christmas eve there is this one guy who I think is a cheapo, who get so close to you like head to head, cheek to cheek and with his hand on your waist moving to your lower back, talking like a gentlemen.. He can sound so interested in you yet he goes around other girls doing the same thing plus asking for numbers.. such a flirt! haha.. Becuase it's Christmas and I'm in a naughty mood so I flirt back buttttttttt he can have all the ladies number in the club but not mine.. lol.. =)

This christmas I'm with people I lub~ Stephy, Nicole, Jennifer, Lih Ping, Hao, Shirley, Ji Mui, seria bunch, met some collegemates and Jade.. hopfully I get to see Clemence before I head back home.. tze, chai yu, daph them all at other clubs & chienz, sy, py, jo them at KK but nvm I feel them in my heart.. =)

I had a great christmas and hopes the new year will be too! =D

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