Thursday, December 03, 2009

'kacang putih' - steam peanut

****UPDATE: It's known as Kacang putih!! hehe..

Anyone know this? hehe.. My mum bought and I'm eating it now..
It's been long since I last saw 'kacang putih' - steam peanut.. Seeing this make me remember the first time I hang out with the YJ group at the old sport cafe at Miri.. I was being call as ice-box.. -______-!!! They bought like 3 packets of this peanut thingy which taste abit spoil but we all ends up finishing by forcing, throwing, trick people.. hehe..

I wonder how is everyone doing.. hmmm.. =)


Ray said...

kacang putih isnt it? i think its steamed tho.

Patricia said...

@Ray: oh.. this peanut known as kacang putih ah? thankssss!! I edit now.. hahaha.. I tout it's baked.. HAHA.. =P

Rueburn Liang said...

a.k.a chick peas