Sunday, December 20, 2009

Orienteering Challenge 2009

On a fine PUBLIC HOLIDAY.. I repeat PUBLIC HOLIDAY 18/12/2009..
It was so fine and HOT and SUNNY early Morning..
so hot that even camp doesn't help to keep us cool..
Shelter also don't help keep the sun heat out..
Happy lo the VIP stay under the built in ceiling fan shelter..
Our company have a team building programme called Orienteering Challenge.. team building on a fine, hot and sunny public holiday.. ahhh..
Me number 028.. hehe.. I was so ready and gear up for the games my colleagues prepare (I have been told no hiking).. WHO KNOWS.. the first challenge was HIKING.. OMG.. I hate hiking.. My asthma came, I can feel my blood pressure drop.. I gave up half way so that my colleagues can continue on without me, in order for us to obtain points and reach the finish line in an hour.. oh well, we won 3rd prize!! yippieee... B$ 300 cash money divide among ourselves (8 of us in a group.. -___- but better than nothing).. 1st prize was B$ 700.. -_-

Proof nah.. say no hiking sekali got hiking.. tipu saya this people.. hmmmpffff...

the map.. the route.. the stupid hiking thing..

Thank god the team building ends at 12pm.. and I lock myself in my room with the air-con at full blast, HongKong Drama playing whole afternoon.. oh well, the team building was fine.. I like all the other games being prepare except hiking.. no hiking please.. hehe..

My day ends with BBQ chicken wings, one stick of lamb meat, stingray with sambal, taiwan sausage, lots of tofusssss and a bottle of Carlsberg.. last but not least a nestle crunchy chocolate ice cream!! so niceeeeeee... =D

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