Friday, December 11, 2009


Today is such a troublesome dayyyyyy!!! There is this enquiry regarding equipment needed to be settle by today, it's making my head turn big.. *finger crossed for the case to close today*

I was waiting patiently for the emails at outlook, so I decided to stay back in the office and have Nasi Lemak from Yati for lunch..

I haven't been blogging well too.. I catch up with Wei Ru on Tuesday for dinner.. He arrives from Singapore on Monday and will head back next week.. We went to KTM as he wants to see Jason and Steven.. Who knows, both of them not around and not free.. Wei Ru and I talk talk talk until 11.30pm and Jason came and we continue until 12.30am.. Staying at KTM until the restaurant close make me remember how Wei Ru, Ting, Kok How use to stay at KTM until 1am plus with Jason and Steven.. hehe..

Wei Ru asked what happen to my blog.. Why I haven't been updating.. I can only look at him and smile.. haha..

I want to leave office early later.. If can I want to leave now.. haha..

Gosh, I just realise that I have been out every night.. Monday night dinner with Kath, Tuesday night dinner with Wei Ru, Last night tea with Amie, Tonight dinner with Ching, Tomorrow night dinner with Cindy then to Eileen's birthday.. walauuuu.. Next week I'm going to stay homeeeeeeee....................

I'm now wondering why Cindy and ah Soon wants me to attend dinner tomorrow.. Its Cindy's brother birthday dinner and I don't know his brother! I sense something fishy.. I think they are trying to play the matchmaker role.. =S

Ahhhh lunch time ends already, *sniff sniff, sobs sobs* goodbye..

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