Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye year 2009~

Less than five hours and we are going to greet everyone 'Happy New Year!'

Yes, we are going to countdown and welcome the new year 2010.. gosh how time flies..

I shall leave all the unlucky things behind~ you won't believe, my ATM card got eat up by the ATM machine just now.. what the heck..... LOL.. I was like speechless O_o.. oh well.. like Ji Mui said let the 'soi-ness' be gone and look at the bright side to greet the new year!

The year 2009 was not a bad year for me.. I met love, fall out of love, met new friends, met un-friendly friend, family relation is still alright, got to travel, attend weddings, scratch my baby car, birthday celebration was good, xmas celebration was good too especially with all the pressies! =D

I'm looking forward for 2010.. May it be another good good year.. better ofcourse! I want increment!! lol.. Happy New Year people, may the new year be filled with lots of happiness, luck, love, laughs, party, lots of good thing, everything! *big hug and lots of love to all* =D

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