Thursday, December 10, 2009


I went to watch New Moon with Connie last night and I'm in love with it!! New Moon is the new Twilight saga!!

I'm in love with it not because of Jacob, eventhough his body is hot and.. pretty? LOL.. It's because of Edward Cullen's love for Bella Swan.. Totally melts my heart!! I don't mind watching this movie all over again and again.. muhahaha..

My favourite part:

Edward: You're my only reason to stay alive..

Edward: Bella, I only tried to kill nyself because I didn't want to live in a world without you..

Bella: Jac, I love you.. But.. don't make me choose.. Because it's always been him..

AWWWW.. love love~ =)

I find the Vampires at Volturi very cool.. They have attractive red eyes.. very cool..
Warewolf size is big in the movie.. Not bad, but I still prefer vampires.. hehe..

In this New Moon movie, we won't see much of Edward and Bella spending time together.. But the image and feel of Edward appearing with Bella when ever she try something risky just make my heart pain.. wusehhhh.. =P

Bella spend more time with Jacob.. Well, Edward's fault.. He thought leaving Bella is the right thing, Bella got heart broken and Jacob was the one who stand by her.. No doubt Bella ends up having feelings for Jacob too at the end.. But her heart will always be Edward.. awww... yes, chick flick.. I LOVE IT.. hohohoz.. =)

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