Monday, May 31, 2010

One and Half days Two nights

My trip to Kota Kinabalu sound like 3Days 2Nights.. but actually it's just ONE and HALF days 2nights!! hehe.. Totally not enough but luckily I was able to meet up Stephy, Rozzy and Kel, they are my favourite love at KK.. hehe..
At the Airport I bump into Thanis and Ivan =) On the plane I talk to a malay lady sitting with me who happen to be a secondary combine science teacher at Kampong Ayer, very friendly lady.. and I forget her name already, sound like Aztijah? =)

When me and Hiang reach KK Airport, Stephy welcome us with open arms.. lol.. Her tummy is big already, can't wait to see her baby in September!
Then the three of us join Ivan and ah Foo with their parents for Seafood dinner..
That night we went clubbing at 'The Bed', we join Hiang's friends who are from Brunei also.. There I bump into Kelly Ling, chienz's colleague =)
The next we three went to Little Italy for lunch..
The waiter introduce one of their pasta and I had it.. It was good!
After lunch, me and Stephy went to Megalong mall.. well, it's a new mall so nothing to see actually.. after that I accompany Stephy to shop for mattress.. Then she drop me off at Centrepoint.. I went it around 5pm plus.. I was about to start shopping when I saw a salon and had my hair colour since I wanted to colour anyway, and they were having promotion!
who knows when I'm done with my hair it's 8pm plus and shops closes at 9pm.. =(
that night after dinner me, Hiang, Ivan and ah Foo went to Firefly, I purposely want to go there so that I can meet up with Rozzy.. and Rozzy greet me with open arms.. hehe.. my sistah!!
who is so kind to send us all back.. hehe.. I drank too fast that night I think.. I was so dizzy and I puke.. Hangover the next day!
What a bad hangover.. Sleep at 5am need to force myself out of bed by 8am because I have breakfast appointment with Kel.. He bring me around and check out his office.. He offer me to work there summore.. Tempting, If I accept his offer I'm taking a big step.. a big step turning BACK..
He then bring me to Suria Sabah, another new mall which is way nicer than Megalong.. haha.. We had dessert and coffee there.. The view is awesome..
I love it very much.. Over looking the blue blue sea! wuuu..
Then went to Wisma merdeka for awhile before heading to the airport.. but then before the airport we went to Tanjung aru and Kel bought some fruits for me to eat on the plane.. so nice of him.. hehe.. And at the airport I bump into Doris.. bump into so many people..

There goes my short weekend!

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