Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We change as we aged

At the age of..

20; you receive your first hard pay after graduate and buy that camera/phones you been aiming at to reward yourself..

21; you want to get your first car..

22; you set to travel as much as you can in a year..

23; you move your family priority from spot number three to spot number one..

24; you want to change your career, to a job which you love doing.. or you realise your expenses has increase but not your salary so you tend to switch job.. or even start to save and be your own boss..

25; you start to realise health is actually very important to you and not all those luxuries life or goods..

30; having a family of your own and you will want nothing but the best for your children..

We changed as we grow and through experience in life.. wants/views/goal/dreams will continue changing.. Life~

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