Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

Today the last day of 2010..

Lots of people felt that the time pass too fast.. Some said it might be the sign that the world is going to end.. Issit true? No idea~ Let's just make sure that we spend everyday of our life to the fullest!

Well, there goes year 2010.. A year of a few short holiday, first bonus, hating my job, less party but drinking still go on lol, Blu resigned & left me *sniff, our office moved to a new environment, polish the car, met little Jansen.. Annabelle.. Giselle.., few weddings, slow Christmas.. What's for 2011?

*Happy New Year Everyone!! hugsssss*

to end my post with this picture- Today, I received this little appreciation gift from one nice customer.. =D

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