Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Feeling much better today after being sick for the pass few days..
Yea, after Rue left I fell sick.. this is not love sick.. haha.. Anyway, much better after I went to the doctor and took some medicine.. I dislike taking medicine! but no choice when I start getting weak =X lalala

The day Rue left..
After I parked my car, I went up to the departure hall and saw Ray with his parents.. I found Rue queuing up at the check in counter.. Omg, my vision automatic went blur! hello easy tears!
Whenever I tried to speak to Rue or others.. hello easy tears again! =X
Before Rue went in the boarding area, we all hugged him goodbye and I can't stop or hold my tears.. hello easy flowing tears wth............ first time~ like this~ >.<

Ahhh soft-hearted people, we cried easily lol

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