Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Merlion Hotel?

I was told by a lady.. Chien's friend actually that I may spend less but when I want to spend, I'll spend in big amount.. and so I thought to myself.. 'hmmm where's the big amount for me to spend???' I'm gonna pray for it to fall from the sky wth

By the way, I read on web today about the Merlion Hotel at Singapore.. The actual statue being set up into a temporary hotel suite for a few weeks ! Interesting.. Soruce from web:
The Merlion Hotel is just one of the many artwork installation projects presented as part of this year's Singapore Biennale organised by the Singapore Art Museum. *very interesting!

More details on this website I found:

*I found an emotional song! I'm gonna practice and try sing at KTV session lol
Song: I don't want to talk about it by Rod Stewart

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