Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 9th Month

I miss the shopping street at Singapore

I miss eating the dumpling at Ding Tai Fung

I miss chit chatting by the shop window and enjoy a cup of ice cream during a hot day

I miss the sweet and nice dessert at Bugis

I miss McD breakfast!!

I miss the walk and quiet moment by Clarke Quay

Most of all, I miss you, the BF
Happy Month Anniversary :)


Thomas said...

Hahahah, this is nice of you! Nice leh my dog :D But he's already being sold because there's no one to take care of him~ The new owner loves him to bits, so that's sort of comforting...

Patricia said...

thomas, u comment on the wrong post oh! haha.. but nvm, yea it's good that his new owner love him like you love him.. :D

*my blog been sleeping since March.. oh no.. =X