Saturday, March 05, 2011

Before he depart again

Pretty roses came by before I left my office :D
Rue and I went for our belated Valentine's date.. love the date :)

Guess what, I woke up super early today and cook chicken soup! thanks to my mum for the lesson hehe
It didn't really really really (-___-) take that long to get the soup done, after that I met Rue for breakfast.. It was a miracle morning for me to get up for chicken soup and breakfast hehe :P

Oh well..... Rue is flying off tomorrow.. Even though this trip he was back for a month plus but the time given to me felt so short! sighs, guess I'm getting greedy..! hehe.. hmmm Anyway, he is also busy~~

There were times I prefer him to be away in SG so my heart won't hurt so.. but then when time is up, knowing he is flying off again, I wish he stay back.. I don't want us to be apart again =(

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