Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

It's Father's Day today.. Happy Father's Day to all Dad's on Earth.. =D I'm still thinking of where to go for dinner tonight.. My brothers are not around so we won't be having a big feast.. hehe..

* * * * *

*sighs* I have to worry about my presentation very Friday.. And EVERY Friday before my presentation I get so nervousssss and my headache appears.. and you won't know how I feel with my headache.. So pain until I want to break open my head.. =X Got to remind myself to RELAX~~~~...

* * * * *

Today I have been home catching up with my dramas again.. hehe.. and youtubing at the same time.. haha.. I suggest we all should have two days off instead of one day.. One day only where got enough to rest?? haha.. Totally not enough ok.. Well, for those workaholic one you can continue to work without off day.. We the non workaholics one need two days.. hohoho.. =p

* * * * *

and WHAT THE HECK things increase in Malaysia so seriously.. Price get double? I'm not living in Malaysia but my heart pity the people back home.. Did they not think of the outcome? Did they not think people will steal more? Did they not consider about the poor?

I KNOW that when fuel increase things and food stuff got to increase but WTH why double up? In such a short period of time things goes double up and how the people accept the fact? How the poor accept? Rice is human most important food.. The price increase so badly what will the poor eat? Not everyone afford expensive rice and other food stuffs.. The people salary does not even increase how to expect people to live to that pressure living standard? Malaysia please care for the people..


sheautze said...

i got 1 customer waja change his OIl PAN today, the oil pan in last month price was Rm338, but now increased to RM696.90 ... he looks sad when pay the bill ... i felt sad too, RM700 could be ppl's 1month salary liao...Pooor... parts are going to increase price in JULY.. in USA ppl start apply working 4days a week to save the fuel and decrease trafic jam in the town. but 1 day working hour is 10hours... POOR avone stay at home watch you tube need go out!

Patricia said...

Feel like things are turning bad real quick.. Want to turn it back around needs a hell lots of time.. what a world..