Friday, June 20, 2008


Done with my presentation today.. Thank God I wasn't panic this time, so I can happily announce that no headache today.. wth.. haha.. sighs.. Next Friday need to cover three topics.. =( difficult..

* * * * *

Anyway.. Out with Jita for tea tonight.. Was suppose to meet she and her boyfriend looking for her engagement dress last night but my presentation preparation hasn't complete.. But good that she was able to find one dress..

* * * * *

Brunei has less entertainment around.. Let me show you Brunei's LEGAL karaoke place.. This place is locate in an Arcade.. yea.. Arcade -___- It's call K-BOX..

The screen

The first time I went there with Jason

Second time with my Nicole

The tiny room states only maximum of 3 people is allow in it..
BUT sometime you can see the room pack as sandwich trying to fit in and enjoy.. When I saw such situation I shall close my mouth up real hard to stop my laugh bursting out.. wth..

The buttons

Many choices

The song choices aren't bad.. Some of it are up to date.. and the sound system is quite fine too.. One thing that sucks is the microphone not working well..

The speakers.. in the tiny room.. wth

By the way peeps, you have to have exchange your money for token inorder to sing.. wth.. -___- haha.. so funny ok.. but quite fun too.. =p

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