Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fat panda I like, I like

Watched Get Smart last night with Angel, Seng and Rueburn at The Mall.. A funny movie but the storyline was nothing interesting, it's just a comedy.. I did enjoy laughing, and Rueburn beside me was laughing even louder.. haha.. Guess he is too happy.. =p

Have u guys watch Kung Fu Panda? OMG.. the panda is so cute and the whole cartoon is so hilarious too.. I laugh so hard watching it.. I love to be able to hug the panda and lay on his big fat tummy.. hehe..

Before our movie last night, we headed to watch local snooker competition.. Angel and Seng's friend plays whom I just met him once last year.. He is quite a good player.. Don't know the result today.. Hopefully he wins..

I do like watching professional people plays snooker.. When I was young, I have always believe that if I ever learn to play snooker or pool I will be talented.. because my dad loves to play snooker.. wth.. I don't even know why I get such feeling.. hehe.. Ignore me please as I don't even know how to play.. -___-


rueburn said...

we can go out play snooker next time haha. and i havent play for 2 yrs+. hehe ^^

Anonymous said...

nice movie...cute panda!
u haven delete me in ur blog..dun link me :( hahaha...tze

Patricia said...

@rueburn: haha I don't even know how to play la.. you wait I learn from pro people first.. hehe..
@anonymous: Tze is it u?? Y u want me to delete oh.. dont want delete la..

rueburn said...

no need to learn from pro people, i can teach you haha. its just like playing marbles in CHMS when young ^^

Patricia said...

@rueburn: wth marbles Rueburn?? R u sure?? haha.. My aim at target a ball much to say a tiny ball is very very bad I tell you.. haha..