Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Princes of my heart

Wa.. wa.. IBS's prom night is coming.. hehe.. I miss the old time spend at the prom night.. How time pass.. Hey babes.. Why not we get a table for us the senior huh? crash with the junior haha.. Like old times.. Let's consider girls.. *wink*

Jennifer.. I miss our office hour chatting session babe.. I'm totally not knowing what you have been up to.. My sense tell me there is a new love already lo.. hehe.. Not sure when we are going to meet to chat up.. I hope soon.. but then I have been down to Miri this month quite alot because of my brothers so I'm not sure if I will appear in Miri soon or not.. =D

Tze.. We both being bored in our own places.. but I know you dream of freedom the most.. hehe.. It's alright I know you curi go Miri happy one la.. haha.. Haven't see you for quite awhile too.. Even on MSN as I seldom log in this few nights.. Even if I log in it's very late.. Miss the both of you..

* * * *

I always hate the people who bully the weak one.. I hate hate hate seeing it.. I pity those especially in schools.. Why the heck some people like to play prank and laugh at those weak one.. Fun meh? stupid la.. They are human being also ok.. If you happen to dislike or annoy by a particular person you can just keep your mouth shut.. Who the hell ask you to disturb or talk to them? Did they ruin your life? You think they like being hate or dislike? wth.. Idiot people who think of themselves only not bother the other's being hurt by that they have done.. and NO I was never bully in school nor I bully others.. wth you think I'm that stupid to waste my time bully people? Use your head, you immature idiots..

* * * *

Anyway.. Enuf enuf Enough, Let me greet the twins of my heart (even they always give me headache, both of them are still important to me) "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the both of You".. As your wicked sister all I wish is the both of you shall have a mature brain, take care well of yourself, take and understand things seriously from now on, study well for your own future, wish the both of you success in life and not stick to games all the time and please don't make me old by worrying too much of the both of you.. Is my request that difficult? haha.. Enjoy yourselves in Kuching..

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sheautze said...

miss u too baobei!