Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Got to believe sometime

Wow.. Miracle do happens sometimes.. I was just telling Jita about impossible thingy and now I have to take back my words.. =D

I was out helping her pick her second dress for her engagement day.. Thank God she finally buy one.. She is very picky.. haha.. What ever I choose for her, she say No No No.. Then the last shop I have come to realise what type and colour she is looking for, and I pick out one, she went to try it on, looks good, paid then off to tea session.. Hehe..

* * * * *

And I notice something.. wth.. IBS vs Halo Cafe?? sure or not.. Oh my fellow Junior, good luck as Halo Cafe have our senior in it who is a champion lo.. haha..

I was so surprise when I saw the poster.. I believe IBS students are mostly all talented in singing.. During my years, every year the student council organize singing competition.. They are all great singer Ms. Kelly, Chai yu, Simon are one of them lo.. hehe..

If I were to organize one with prizes.. Guess what kind of prizes I shall be giving out as consolation prize? this..
hahahahaha... -_____-

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