Thursday, June 05, 2008

Presentation tomorrow

Sorry peeps.. I know I have been lost.. hehe.. What a busy week..

Last Friday 30/5/2008 the company has a gathering dinner.. It was fun but I don't like when the guys get drunk.. When this few guys get drunk they touch ladies...!!! wth O_o..!! I avoid the drunkies the whole night.. But all was good.. It was a great time for me to get along well with the other colleagues..

* * * * *

31/5/2008, I went shopping with Angel, and the Prince return for holiday again.. It was a public holiday..!! yippeeee.. I spend so much, wallet dry out again.. wth.. Last year, when I was still at the old company.. No holiday.. I work but have OT la.. so both has it's pros and cons.. One I relax and spend my money, One I stress out and earn money.. o_O

* * * * *

1/6/2008, Nicole was in Brunei.. So a meet up with her was a must.. hehe.. I spend my day at The Mall.. Nicole's brother has a booth set up there to promote his shop's laptop.. 7" tiny laptop.. Nicole was there to help out, and her outcome there she told me she didn't see much Chinese.. -___- I totally agree..

Later in the evening I went Swimming with Angel.. Wow, it's like more than half a year I have not step in the Stadium's Swimming pool.. And I was impress with myself.. My swimming skill DID FINALLY improve..!! I'm so happy.. *sob sob* I actually move around in the water so much that I kind of sense my body losing some fats.. wth.. haha..

But then I gain my fats as I went for dinner with my favourite Jun and Winnie.. Jun won a mini sport bike from the DST roadshow at KB and with I can't wait to see and sit on it..!! =)

* * * * *

2/6/2008, The women back for holiday from Kuala Lumpur..!! who else Wei Ru? Clemence la.. Just a few days she's back.. So from Monday onward until last night I have been out until late.. Why until last night huh? hehe.. Because the women went back Miri today already.. We did went to catch the movie FOOL's GOLD.. About treasure hunting but more towards the love and comedy.. So not bad, I know it's funny..

* * * * *

Tarot cards are such a fascinating thing to explore.. I have always been quite interest in Tarots card.. A women told me Tarot cards is more spiritual and I was surprise by my cards as they are much accurate.. It actually helps me to gain back some confident and hope.. The time has come, I'm ready to let it all go..

* * * * *

I took a nap just now after work.. Didn't realise I slept for more than an hour.. I was feeling sleepy the whole day, so torturing that I have to keep my eyes wide awake when my head is about to reach my table.. wth.. I pray that no one notice me..

And I have a presentation tomorrow.. I don't know will I survive it.. *sighs* Wish me luck.. bye peeps.. *off to prepare my notes now*

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