Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Sunday 14/12/2008

Me alone with my Tuna with Cheese Toast at Taurean.. I'm thinking of eating the waffle with ice-cream.. so tempting..!! hehe..

I just had my facial done and then I came over here.. Fill up my tummy and to blog.. Before I left the house this morning, I have already thought of finding a cafe to blog..

I don't think it's funny or weird to be alone at some cafe.. It's such a normal thing overseas.. hehe.. I just feel like doing this once in awhile..

I'm siting at the corner.. Awhile ago the place was quiet and nice.. but now there is this group of uni student I think, being noisy lor.. and they sort of doing some interview with a couple on how they meet and how is their relationship.. and this couple, the girl sound like from Spore and they are getting marry.. wuhuu..

There is another table having business talk.. haha.. I feel out of Brunei lo bcoz three tables group of people speak English only.. haha.. wth.. =p and I sense the group of guys is looking at me.. And I know they will wonder "why is that girl alone, this is Brunei?" haha.. =p

The couple interview is getting interesting.. I find their questions and answer amusing, and I'm trying hard not to giggle.. hehe.. Both couple look good.. And OMG.. all the sudden I'm back in Brunei because Jing Jing and Jian Teng appear.. haha..!! So now I shall think of where to go next.. This is my Sunday 14/12/2008.. =D

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