Monday, December 08, 2008

It's great to have a friend to grow old with.. but you first babe.. =D

Thanks babe for such a thoughtful b-day pressie..!! I'm loving it.. Esp to know you wanna grow old with me.. wth.. -cute little gift from Jennifer- deliver by CCH all the way from Seria..!! Thanks CCH.. ourbest CCH.. ehem ehem.. haha..

If tomorrow don't have to work, how nice.. hehe.. I just got back home.. Went to Denise's shop with Siew just now.. I think I have enough new clothes for Chinese New Year.. hehe.. Her shop has so much to see.. This month buy enuf already.. I can't step in to her shop until next month.. Or until CNY finish, then I'm safe.. but still I think I will still spend it else where lo.. tsk tsk tsk girls.. =p

This few days, I think alot.. hmm.. no shouldn't put it that way.. Actually everyday I think alot lo.. haha.. =p

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