Sunday, December 07, 2008

Simi, Ruby and Raychel night

Last night was OK.. I was hit by headache after two shots.. *sighs* I envy those who drink well.. Simi book a room for her b-day, so I get to have a place to sleep.. haha.. I sleep like at 3am after they sang b-day songs to Rueburn and Raymond..

Then wake up coz cookie came to the bed say he can't sleep on the floor and he is drunk.. so me and Simi gave up the bed for him.. And I fall asleep outside at the sofa.. Sleeping at the sofa not comfy at all and then me and Simi went to the room and kick cookie out.. haha.. It was a happening night.. Dramas~~ hehe.. =D Here are the pictures... and I'm off to bed.. ~~

The people.. special thanks to Wendy who edit this pic to put everyone in.. haha..

The car trader, I doubt..

The guru

Soon to be Guru is dancing.. so pity no one join us to dance.. hehe..

The mojo graphic designer

One of the twin

Simi, Denise, Wendy, Jing Jing, yours truly, Jian Teng

back: Ray in white who join us from the Airport, he fly back from Oz.. (the other twin)


Jennifer said...

yerr.. how m i suppose to know which one? (u do know wat i mean rite?) ;oP

Patricia said...

You feel and approve which one le? hahaha!!! =p I shall see you on MSN tonite for the answer.. and I want to go holiday.. *envy at someone flying off to KL* haha!!