Monday, December 22, 2008

Bless me with happiness

Thanks KEL for spreading my link.. and of course to those (you know who you are) dropping in to read and to listen to the song -___- (Valen Hsu - Nan Ren Nu Ren).. My readers from Brunei rank the highest lo.. haha..!!

I have change the song as per Siew it's kinda EMO.. But I'm great that you guys like the song too.. That song actually remind me of a friend in Miri.. I play that song almost everyday before, until now it's still one of my favourite song..

* * * * *

My modem was struck by lightning last night.. I quickly call up TelBru and lodge a report.. The TelBru technician came during lunch to change my modem.. SO LUCKY that my computer and laptops didn't get burn.. Only the network card has to change.. But I have to change my router.. $$ flies~~ Big thank to Dao Ming for helping me repair and install everything accordingly.. hehe..

* * * * *

I cry whenever I can't accept a person- as in rejecting them.. It almost happen today but I hold back my tears because he has found a nice girl and I'm happy for him, sorry if I was mean..

Well, I cry because I know I have hurt them, they are good but can't be with them, the feeling is just sad.. I remember once when I reject a guy on the phone, I suddenly cry, making him cry too.. *sighs* That was a hurtful memory.. I need to hit myself.. Sometime I do want to give people chances but I back out at the end.. Hope they didn't curse me -___-, please bless me with happiness..

B-day gift.. Thanks for everything.. =)

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