Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 Resolutions

Two days to go.. Alot of people are looking forward to the year 2009.. I hope it's a good year.. For me, I would love looking forward to better pay and new love.. hehe..

Well, below taken from my post early this year..

Patricia's 2008 Resolutions..
1. Spend less.. *not improve*
2. Save more.. *totally not improve too*
3. Go travel.. (Anyway please..) *yeahh.. went to Sabah, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok*
4. Lose weight.. (like 1Kg or 2Kg..?) *nope*
5. Get a new hair style.. *yeahhh.. curly hair*
Get a laptop.. *yeahhh.. my baby Compaq*
7. Do self improvement.. (like I don't know what yet..) *hmm.. I got myself a new job with new position*
Meet happiness.. *nope*

And this coming 2009 my Resolutions wil be..
2) Travel again
3) Exercise more
4) Meet happiness

What is every one's
resolutions? hehe =p

When I See You Smile - Bad English


Anonymous said...

meet happiness = meet simi (so u have achieved it) hahahaha

Patricia said...

haha.. true also.. knoing you and getting close with the rest also can consider as happiness.. esp staying up till morning on most saturday is really happy lo.. wth.. haha.. *wink*