Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Sometime it really will work

Went to Denise's house last night.. Cookie call me up in the evening and ask me to go over and they are planning to swim.. I only join them after my movie date..

When I reach Denise's place, they are done with swimming already.. Cookie and Rueburn are at the shower area together lo.. should have take a picture.. haha.. Jolin is sexy in her bikini lo.. hehe.. Only chu chu didnt swim, I think he reach late too..

We sat down to chit chat about some topics.. and one of them is the LDR topic.. Long Distance Relationship.. Some couple overcome it smoothly together, while some ends breaking up.. From my opinion, a couple have to work hard together.. If one side only put effort, it won't happen.. I do scare of being in a LDR but I'm willing to go for it if I really like that person alot..

I ask a friend about it and she has a point.. If a couple face a LDR, if two of them love each other and really want to be together, they will put effort and think of a way to be together.. I totally agree..! I wish all couple in a LDR will work out happily..

*tired* lunch time is over.. =)

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