Friday, July 03, 2009

Things will be just the way it is

Went through 1 day of suffer-ness and I can't stand it...!!!

1/7/2009.. I decided to disappear..

2/7/2009.. Day one only.. and my mind almost went crazy.. My hand itches as I stare at my phone for incoming message.. and my heart beat so fast until I start to feel pain as the day slowly comes to an end..I reach for my phone, dialed a number and burst out crying..

3/7/2009.. Day two.. Another moody day.. Looking at my phone, my heart pause each time a message is received.. Until evening time, the message I have been waiting for finally came.. I have been given an answer.. There isn't any hope.. And my hope level went down and I start to smile..

I did not get the answer I want.. It's ok.. Things will remain the same.. Things will be just the way it is.. *until.. if the story continues* =)

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