Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chocolate ice cream with Kit Kat

I really KO-ed last night.. After dinner at McD I don't even know how I get home.. I remember my eyes were close for a second on the road, and when I re-open my eyes I was in the middle of the way passed not one but two traffic lights without knowing.. Thank God it was 11 plus so there was only two or three cars on the road.. yieks.. Anyway, I had a good sleep.. =)

I discover a nice food last night.. *nice for me la.. hehe..*

An Ice Cream.. =p

Chocolate ice cream with Kit Kat..!! NICE~~
I don't know if it's new in the market or not.. But last night was the first time I saw this ice cream.. I plan to eat a second stick but decide to stop.. good think that I ate only one stick.. because the complain king laugh sounding so evil and said, "eat la.. eat more.. so fat FAT 'fei-shi-ni' ".. -____-!!! stupiak him..
Anyway.. go to your nearest mini mart or supermarket to get hold and try this Kit Kat ice cream.. hehe.. =p


Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

it is not new pat...
lama dah

Patricia said...

@Tze: haha...!! for me consider it's consider new.. =D It's really nice.. I like kit kat.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Love this ice cream....Great blog.