Monday, July 20, 2009


It's afternoon.. And I'm getting ready to head over to complain king's office to help out.. Help him for three days already hor.. still haven't finish.. so many papers and dirty files..

I don't know why I'm helping him on my weekend and public holiday.. hmmm.. I guess it's because he sound pity and use food to attract me.. wth.. JOKE.. Real reason is just simple.. He is my friend and he call up for help.. If I can help, I will help.. I wan't to faint from seeing all his papers, OVERLOAD..!!

Complain King..!! I help you and gave up two function on Saturday hor.. spend half of my Sunday also.. You better don't bully me.. hehe.. Anyway, Thanks for the advice about my hair AND guess what last night I came to knew that I'm an ugly duckling to him when he first saw me two years ago.. *go kill yourself ray!* haha..

* * * * *

After talking to Jenn this morning.. helps clear my mind alot.. At the meantime I know what I should do.. I need time and ways to re-face this confuse feeling I'm having now.. Thanks babe..

Alright got to go.. and I still haven't sleep.. =S Going to KO-ed tonight..


Rueburn Liang said...

good good! old newspaper back to being active hahahhaa!

Patricia said...

@Rue: old newspaper?? *kick you kick you!!* haha..