Friday, July 10, 2009


Current status: HUNGRY.. hehe.. I'm waiting to leave the office for lunch.. so blog abit.. hehe..

I really haven't been updating.. Sorry guys.. been busy with WATCHING DRAMAS.. Hongkong drama and Gossip Girls Season 2.. I love watching Gossip Girls.. =)

So like that lo.. catching up with movies only.. Speaking about movie, I watch Transformer 2 already.. with Chien, thanks Chien for re-watching it with me.. *hugs!* and guess what, the movie at first is good but slowly coming to the fighting scene.. I fell asleep.. I think I'm just too tired.. =p so no comment on the movie..

Lots of my friends are flying off for holidays.. so lucky this people.. Some off to
Bangkok- CCH & Elaine,
Indonesia- Joan,
Taipei/Taiwan- SY, Chu & Kel,
Singapore- Eve,
Kuala Lumpur- Tze and so on..
I don't remember anymore.. haha.. I want to fly off too.. but can't.. =( Actually this month is also one of my planning to visit Singapore but it was cancel few months ago due to some un-success relationship matter.. blame who? RUE.. haha.. *JOKE LA* =p

Well with this H1N1 virus going around.. Alot of people still went off travelling/business trip.. Strongly reminder to you all people, WEAR THOSE FACE MASK..!! hehe.. Better travel safe then get sick lo..

I'm planning some trip for year end.. I hope..!! To Kota Kinabalu also I'm satisfy already.. Let's see how things go then.. =) *off to lunch now*


Rueburn Liang said...

EYER!! say until like that! hahaha!!! Ill make sure to bring H1N1 back to brunei as a gift for u =P

Patricia said...

wat!! *touchwood touchwood* haha!! On your next trip back, I won't welcome you back.. haha.. *shoo shoo* =p

Patricia said...

AND Rue how could you...!!! block your blog.. Invite me to read please? ORELSE I block you from mine hor..~~ =p

Simple❤Nice❤Me said...

Im not holiday trip o... nm... so SIAL my jiran got H1N1..haiz

Rueburn Liang said...

my blog too private =D no one can see! hahahhaa! cannot let ppl know the real me ^^v