Saturday, July 25, 2009


The weekend is here..

I'm feeling hungry now in the office waiting for the clock to strike 1pm so that I can run out.. Use lots of thinking and talking at the meeting just now.. haha.. =p

No plans for this weekend, actually Saturday night plans has getting lesser and lesser for me since most of my so-call nice friends start getting attached/in relationships.. *Honeymoon period* Left the singles one.. hehe.. Before the others arrange stuff to do.. Now, it's the opposite way.. I have to scratch my head looking for stuff to do.. "Oh lovely people, please be kind to look up for me.." hehe.. =p

Getting to know new friends is a good thing.. Being single is like this.. You just can't fit into those couples plans.. but it also got to depends on the situation.. hehe.. *wink* =p

I will be off accompanying my favourite two soon-to-be-brides in Miri later.. Hope Jennifer finds a hot and sexy gown for her dream.. hehe.. I miss the bak kut teh in Miri, can't wait to eat it~~ hehe.. FOODS here I come..!!

*currently munching on the chocolate chips cookies from Marks & Spencer brought back by Blu from Singapore.. damn delicious..!! I love love LOVE the cookies from M & S..!!* =D

To all: enjoy your weekend.. =)

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