Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fish Noodle & Pokes

poke poke poke.. =D

Fish noodle taste like fishball.. hehe.. fish meat to make noodle.. hmm.. fishball taste better.. hehe..

I don't know why, but few days back I have been terribly.. EMO.. Maybe it's because of work or by friends or abit by something else..

But someone told me last night that today I will feel better.. feel happier.. and I didn't believe but it was true..!! I felt much better today.. Maybe it's the fish noodle effect, wth.. haha.. or it's those laughs and pokes.. hehe.. =)

poke poke poke.. =D

before I end my post.. OMGGGGG I have gain weight!!! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE..... Gain 2kg!!! what surprise me is Chien, Joan and Daniel all also gain 2kg at the same time.. hehe.. =p
It's weekend people..!! Muhahahahaha~~ Have a blast one.. =D


exclusivelydaniel said...

hahaha it shows that we are the same.. =)..

that shows our bonds.. all gain 2 kilo.. HAHAHAHA

Rueburn Liang said...

why you always emo one? @_@

all gained 2kg? LOOOL!!!! then i cannot brag about my weight liau

Anonymous said...

I thought we ALL had a deal.. losing weight.. apa macam u all gained weight instead??!! haha..

Patricia said...

@ TO ALL: DIET PLAN is still in the process.. hahaha.. and Rue, I don't know how to explain..